Bye, Bye Amerika ......

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Previously I was a friend of the American way of life but ...

NOW Mr. Donald Trump it's time to build YOUR wall! All around Amerika ... so high, that no one will leave your medieval island.

By the way, all of the bad guys from other countries like Germany and so on ... won't visit your lovely homeland - your wish become true! Another campaign pledge fullfilled. All of your citizens only can buy the high-quality, local american goods. No more problems with foreign business, compromises or arrangements.

Please invest with consistency in a transparent dome above your states, cause the dust of the coal-industrie is captured and the rest of the world is able to observe your mistakes, to use it as a school subject for their  students. So - i wrote these lines in your language because we have to be well educated and have to learn more than one lingo.

Beati pauperes spiritu

to be continued.......

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